Forum Energy ProDrill® Velocity™ Frac Plugs

Thruster Energy is a proud distributor of Forum Energy Technologies ultra-compact, fast-drillout composite frac plugs. 

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The Forum Energy Technologies ProDrill® Velocity™ ultra-compact, fast-drillout composite frac plug is a critical component when completing plug-and-perf operations. This solution optimizes well completions efficiency by reducing drillout times, debris size and the amount of material that needs to be circulated out of the hole. The ProDrill Velocity composite plug mitigates risk during drillout, while decreasing time on location and costs to complete unconventional wells.



The set-from-bottom, compression-set plug design eliminates run risk by transmitting impacts through the wireline adapter kit (WLAK) tension mandrel, which also reduces stresses on critical elements of the plug. The plug design allows for a high velocity of fluid bypass during pump down operations that gives operators a plug with no speed limit on run in. The faster speeds decrease water usage and time to completion. ProDrill Velocity Frac plugs have successfully been pumped up to 770 FPM in 5.5-in 20# casing.