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Tenax HydraShock

Thruster Energy Corp. is a proud distributor of Tenax HydraShock

The worlds only jarring system that can be deployed through tubing and works below the stuck point with no tubular manipulation.

The HydraShock utilizes the mechanics of the entire string of pipe to act as a jar.

The HydraShock process works by deploying the proprietary Delta n Ball to seat in the tool and start the process of building potential energy in a tubular.

This potential energy is released at a known and calculated pressure value, once the HydraShock is activated a dynamic release of energy occurs in the entire tubular string resulting in dramatic movement downhole at the stuck point. The stuck point becomes the intercept point as all of this released energy impacts at the stuck point.

The HydraShock system can be deployed in the BHA of Coiled Tubing, deployed by slick line to set in a Hydra Shock profile nipple to be set in tubing and drill pipe and in some instances can be pumped down to set in a common “X” or “R” profile.

Tenax HydraShock Flyer
HydraShock Coiled Tubing Case Study