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THRU-TUBING SERVICeS. next generation technology. Experienced service.

Thru-tubing service company with the innovative Universal Jet Thruster (UJT)* achieves longer laterals in conjunction with the use of today’s standard extended reach tools. The UJT uses hydraulics advancements to increase milling efficiency and maximize hole cleaning. 


Thruster Energy Corp is the exclusive Canadian distributor of:

  • Brama Reaper “Titan” Mill product line
  • G-Force Hydraulic Jars

What we do

Thruster Energy Corp is dedicated to supplying Thru-tubing services with innovative tools to increase efficiency. With extensive experience, our service team can handle the most challenging situations and projects. 

Milling and Cleanout Services

With an assortment of innovative equipment and experienced technicians we can eliminate any wellbore obstruction.

Video While Fishing

Coming Soon

Fishing and Retrieval Services

Reliable and efficient service options to return to normal operations.


Research & Development

We design and test our ideas in house, reducing the time needed to get tools in the hands of our clients.

Design Thinking

We make our ideas work in the real world. We reduce the complications to ensure ease of use.

Global Reach

Our tools and services are in use all over the world. We work with our client to enusre our solutions are available to them where they are needed.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

We will not solve todays problems with the same thinking that created them. We strive to design real world solutions to real world problems. 

Why we are different

With over 200 years of “in the field” experience,  we create solutions that are tailor made to real world applications.

 Thruster Energy Corp. is working to make oil well cleanup more efficient by offering an innovative product lineup that uses the next generation of technology.

Our Latest Clients