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HydroPull™ Tempress Technologies

A division of OSES

Proven, effective and reliable thru-tubing solutions in long and short laterals.

When your well intervention operation hits a snag – everyone at the well site stops working until you can pull the bottomhole assembly and start all over again. A thousand dollars saved on a cheaper option can add up to tens of thousands lost when your agitation device doesn’t have the power to reach bottom in one run. Why roll the dice? Invest in Tempress to better guarantee smooth well interventions and an on-track AFE.


Tempress was born out of the need for better technology – we’ve created a proven solution to overcome friction during milling and cleanouts in horizontal wellbores and depleted well service. Our exclusive products are more powerful, efficient and reliable than traditional competitors tools. We back our products with swift delivery, application software and training, and around the clock.