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Industry experts, EV and Thruster Energy, have teamed up to engineer an innovative solution to wellbore fishing problems. This joint venture fuses the industry leading technology of EV’s downhole cameras and Thruster Energy Well Intervention services by developing Video While Fishing (VWF).

EV’s Optis® Memory camera comes with a strong track record and combines the latest image sensing technology with digital compression and encoding, ensuring that the technology is set apart from other cameras in the industry. Up to five hours of continuous footage can be recorded which eliminates the need for precise planning and allows for variables in the fishing operation. Programmable intervals are also possible for extended operating time.

The camera is housed inside the fishing overshot with a specially designed shock-dampening sub to reduce any potential damage to the camera tools when jarring. Robust retaining tabs also hold the camera in position. Simultaneous flushing operations are also possible to ensure clean fluid is across the area of interest.

Video While Fishing eliminates the risk of repeated failed fishing attempts due to unknown conditions. The in-grapple camera provides clear images of the position and condition of the fish to ensure that any further runs are optimized and tailored to suit the operation, thus increasing efficiency and reducing cost.

Optis VWF Spec Sheet PDF