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Max Flow By-Pass Sub

Advantages of using the Max Flow By-Pass Sub in conjunction with the UJT

  • Combined with Venturi tool, nozzle, spinning wash tools, with motors, etc. Unlimited “Water Tractor” effect
  • Nozzles are easily changed for pump rate and pressure requirements
  • Using hydraulics vs. battling hydraulics with 0.3”
  • Can be ran with ACID for jetting and washing or other corrosive chemicals, Nitrogen and foam friendly as well, also sour service
  • The UJT is the SHORTEST and STRONGEST tool in the BHA @ 0.35m (14”)
  • Replaces Bit Sub for crossover used in many BHA
  • Capable of pumping any rate without over speeding motor
  • Can still see motor stalls
  • Changes rates in the field
  • No moving parts
  • Softer Stalls, less reactive torque to motor
  • Extended motor life
  • Unmatched wellbore cleaning capabilities
  • KISS method