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Brama Reaper Mill

These mills are professionally made with high quality tungsten inserts with chip breaker technology superior off centre insert design for maximum cutting and wear. 20 years in the industry through trial and error on both milling and fishing applications to achieve the finished proven product, the Reaper mill. This technology has gauge protection that is casing friendly yet very hard even in the most extreme milling environment. Milling to the toe with no worries of loosing cones or gauge. Average gauge loss of 78 stage zone is 0.1 mm – 0.5 mm. One mill One trip, saving multiple runs and multiple mills.

Unmatched longevity in any wellbore and any scenario. We back this mill with a TEC guarantee!


We are the exclusive Canadian distributor of the Brama Reaper mill product line. Brama provides top of the line tools that are designed to meet the needs of heavy and dynamic demands in the oilfield industry. Their products can meet and excel at any situation while remaining cost effective.

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Mill – Reaper Taper PDF