Thruster Energy Corp. (TEC)

A Thru-tubing service company founded on a legacy with industry leading technologies and expertise to achieve target depth with confidence on today’s torturous long later wellbores. At Thruster Energy Corp. (TEC) we have created an alliance with the key global leaders of proven Thru-tubing Technology development to develop the ultimate solution for extended reach Thru-tubing milling applications, the H.A.B System (Hell and Back System). The HAB System is strategically comprised of the most renown and effective friction record breaking technology, The Tempress Hydropull. To compliment the Tempress Hydropull’s technology, TEC developed the Universal Jet Thruster (UJT). TEC recognized a requirement that was not existent to the Thru-tubing industry, to provide a method of eliminating hydraulic effects, especially in long lateral well bores where ever pound of set down force counts, maximize hole cleaning efficiency. In addition to having an extremely long lateral well, high frac stage counts and frac isolation products are a general result requiring Operator and Thru-tubing supplier confidence in superior mill design. The Reaper Mill (Formerly known as the Titan Mill), engineered and executed by Brama Carbide has become a benchmark for the Thru-tubing market for mills and consistently out performs expectations for holding true to gauge, superior frac isolation product removal times, and management of debris. With the HAB System we are able to custom tailor for every wellbore need, from Low BHP to HPHT. “If we can’t get there, you’re not getting there.”