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TEC’s E-Coil Cable Head is designed for
Coiled Tubing E-Coil perations and connects to the wireline
inside of the Coiled Tubing and the Coiled Tubing itself.
Job Scopes include logging, perforation guns, down-hole
camera/ultrasound applications as well as Smart Coil

There is a termination point for the wireline and gives an
electrical connection to the subsequent tool being ran in
the well. The lower Pack-Off creates a chamber which
allows the wireline to be terminated to a standard
electrical connection that is not affected by wellbore/
pumped fluid.

The E-Coil Cable Head is designed with a
shock-mounted dual-activated disconnect, which
serves as an emergency release in case the
tools become stuck in the well. Well control is
done through the double-flapper check valves.

Design Features

• Pump-Thru Design
• Well Control
• Dual-Activated Release Tool
• Temperature Rated to 302° F (150° C)
• Pressure Rated to 10,000 psi (70 Mpa)
• Shroud is Available to Run With a
Camera to Direct Flow to End of