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H.A.B.S. – Hell & Back System

TEC uses the H.A.B. System (Hell & Back System) to maximize the success of a single-trip mill out of a high-stage plug count well with a long, tortuous horizontal well.  Like an orchestra, each component of the Milling BHA compliments one another. The combined result of these tools running in conjunction with one another means smaller debris to manage and circulate out of the well, greater ROP, and of course savings in time & money.

Running the Max Flow Bypass Sub allows high flow rates that diverts excess flow beyond the motor’s tolerances, creating the necessary turbulence required to suspend debris & properly carry it out of the well.

The Tempress HydroPull™ is the most powerful friction-breaking tool on the market, consistently breaking Industry records for extended-reach applications.  This hard-hitting tool pulls the coil string along, agitating debris & sand up from under the coiled tubing to not only clean the well, but to overcome tubular friction and  assist the work string in reaching extreme lateral depths.

The TEC motor has the power you need to deal with stubborn Composite Bridge Plugs, while maintaining a power section that’s hydrocarbon-resistant as well as the endurance to last with high-stage count wells.

Universal Jet Thruster (UJT) is the most exciting technology on the market for extreme milling in years. Elegant in its simplicity, the UJT is designed to pull downhole BHA into the well using jetting force. In harmony with the rest of the Hell And Back System, the UJT achieves drilling depths that are beyond what is achievable from the use of agitation tools along.

The Reaper mill is the hardest mill in the Industry, period.  The hard-coating applied to the gauge area/ OD (Outside Diameter) of the mill maintains its size & integrity in high-stage count wells, thus keeping the debris small and manageable.  The next few slides go into greater detail of each of these components.