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UJT is a tool that pulls the downhole BHA into the well using jetting force and Venturi effects. This helps it to achieve depths that are not achievable with just agitation tools alone.

More rate = better action

Using the UJT, there is no need to “starve” the extended reach tool as pumping now pulls the BHA towards the toe with jetting force using pump rate to minimize unwanted stack-up.

  • UJT is pivotal with smaller CT operations in larger wellbores with the string being pulled in the wellbore for cleanout operations ex. 2” in 4.5”
  • The UJT at full pump rate aids in centralization in RIH mode
  • UJT uses fluid hydraulic forces vs. battling hydraulic forces through the Venturi effect
  • Able to maintain control of BHA in well, continue on without the standard practice of “taking a run” or “keep momentum” never stopping
  • Next generation of long lateral depth achievements along with use of extended reach tools


The UJT “smart jet sub” will switch from pulling the BHA to milling operation, and then mills off, extends, and switches back to pulling operation all on its own. This function repeatedly happens throughout each restriction.

All of this results in much faster mill-out times, as more time is spent with the bit in contact with debris instead of hydraulically pumping mill/bit off of the plug.

  • UJT uses hydraulic forces aided with venturi effect vs. battling hydraulic forces
  • Thorough radial jet cleaning to eliminate “beaching” of debris
  • Maximizes cleaning of short trip or quick stall trips with 45 degree reverse continual jetting to keep debris off of low side of wellbore to minimize side loading mill/bit with already dealt with debris
  • Efficiency milling operation using hydraulic force to the BHA’s advantage instead of fighting it
  • More rate, better action from vibrating tool, hydraulics advancements
  • Next generation milling efficiency


The UJT maximizes hole cleaning by using eight 45-degree jets with reverse jet sub to efficiently get debris moving towards heel.

  • While pulling out of hole, the Venturi effect across the mill vacuums all debris that may otherwise be left behind.
  • Pulling out of hole times are drastically reduced saving extensive rig time.
  • On the fly gel placement (behind mill).
  • Eliminates the need for Venturi run for stage tool and debris sub removal operations.
  • Increased production, jetting perforations.
  • Thorough Radial jet cleaning to eliminate “beaching” of debris.
  • Can be ran with nozzle and no motor to maximize cleaning and jetting.
  • Tool offers next generation hole cleaning efficiency with 360 degree jetting at a 45 degree angle.
  • Allows for smaller work string and less pump rate for today’s cleanout operations